Spring bike tune up

It is already middle May and I have not started bike season yet! Shame on me! But better late than never, some says! Before I finally will take my bike for a spin I should take care of it and remove all the Winter dust. My bike needs a small spring tune up!

This season’s tune up will be very special for me because I have decided to do it on my own, first time in my life! I have made that decision when I have got a puncture while living in Germany last year.  I took my bike because I wanted to gracefully travel through beautiful streets of Freiburg. I was pretty cool on my bike but I was completely unprepared for the smallest defects that could happen to my bike. When I have got a flat tire I have found a nice bike repairing shop and very charming gentleman from the bike shop cashed 20 euros from me for replacing the inner tube. And it was to much for me and that is why I want to learn how to repair my bike myself!

Here’s how I’m preparing my bike for a new (a bit late) spring bike season:

# 1 Cleaning

Although I scrubbed my bike before winter, it got dusty after standing a few months in the garage. I took the bike outside prepared water and cleaned it all, remembering not to flood the chain and other parts.

# 2 Chain cleaning

For next step I have had to ask youtube for help. I have found out how to properly remove the chain and clean it. Here, comes my fifth attempt and finally I have managed! I feel that I can almost open my own bike shop! My chain is removed! I have put it in the chain into a special degreasing fluid. In the meantime, I started cleaning with a soft cloth the whole mechanism.

Uffff, next part done!

# 3 Pumping the wheels

Probably it would be faster to bike to the gas station and inflate the tires there, but since I’m in the middle of my repair and I still have to wait for my chain to get dry, I took the manual pump to put some air into my tires.

# 4 Attaching the chain

Ok, and now I am turning back to youtube video to check how to attach chain back. Okay, it looks like a simple job. So get down to work! Once again, it looked easier on a video than it was in reality.

# 5 Greasing the chain

Ufff, it lasted a bit, but somehow I managed to do it, it seems to me that I will wait with the opening of my own bicycle garage, because with my speed I would be a very poor mechanic! Now, time for greasing – it is just a formality – I use a special chain oil and gently spill it over the entire length of the chain!

It seems that everything is ready. It will soon turn out whether my first and slightly unprofessional tune up will be a success! I put on the helmet and let the wheels go! Keep your fingers crossed!

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