How is it with this job?

You go to college, you graduate with one bachelor’s degree, later with another one, and two years later you are already done with your master’s thesis – how quickly time passes! And now it’s time to start life on your own – get a nice job and feel like a king of the world! Dreaming is so great, but unfortunately the whole reality after graduation does not look so beautiful.

From the beginning of my college education, I knew that I would really like to spend well and active this period of my life. Not only being just a student bored in the class, but also getting involved  in many activities. After the first year of my studies, I went to the United States for Work&Travel to experience the adventure of my life, improve my language and simply have lots of fun. And it was great! After comming back I have gained more self-confidence and I have decided to move to another city. I have continued my studies and even started secondo major. And it was incredble time of my life – another new adventure, being in constant rush – travelling from one part of the city to another to be on time in the class, meeting new people. I’ve got used to a new place very quiqly and also to my new being on the run lifestyle. I couldn’t stop even during summer so I have found myself  an internship in an international institution. I was really pro ud of myself that I can take care of my future which for sure will pay me back in the future.

Doing more…

Due to the fact that I studied two majors at the same time, I did not have time to get work experience during the academic year. So all the holidays I tried to use intensively to learn something new. There were foreign internships, there were several summer schools, there was a newspaper internship, even Erasmus exchange – and many more activities connected with my studies path. But at some point I decided to fulfill my childhood’s dream and I have got myself a job in a shoe shop!

I’ve been developing all these years and looking for my interests and the path that I would like to follow in the future. I got to know my strengths and weaknesses, I have got nice work experience and did not think that finding my dream job would be Any problem for me.

Hey, a graduate is looking for a job!

Encouraged by statistics about extremely low unemployment in my country I rolled up my sleeves and started my mission to find a job. I’ ve made myself a resume, I started searching through all the job offers websites. I was sending many, many applications, but getting none responses. After all, I couldn’t wait very long because my savings were melting and I desperately needed to find something. But not only something, I still wanted to get a perspective job!

As time passed, I realized that I had to lower my expectations a little bit and look more critical on my previous experiences. Maybe they are not so to my potential employers?

So I have changed my tactics and after a short time I found a job – it is not perhaps a dream job, a whole day of clicking in Excel, hanging on the phone, but I have some stabilization that allows me to do something else.

I want to act!

I know that my current occupation differs a little from my dreams and charakter, but at least it gives me a sense of stability. Besides, I have a lot of time to get involved in my hobbies. But to be honest, sometimes I do really feel underestimated and I am mad at me that I have not made other decisions in the past.

So if I can have a piece of advice for students who may someday look at this site – do not jump from one internship to another. Start looking for a good job before you will graduate. I assure you that you will say ‘thank you’ to your smart-self while seeing a job search struggle of your college friends.

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