Piggy bank

This year I am completely obsessed with piggies, small, pink, sweet creatures. My piggy obssesion started at the beginning of the year, when the Chinese observed their New Year – the year of the Pig with great celebration. And it was the moment when the pigs took over the Internet, but also my my heart.

Although I have graduatedmy primary school long ago, I have my own Knorrig from Ikea (and I Steep with HerJ). I also have a small, still unnamed pig, which I wear with my bag, but I also have something really extra – a big piggy bank! I know, I know, it’s all so terribly childish and it would be better not to admit it on public, but why not?!

Year of the Pig

In China, unlike in our part of the world, zodiak signs asumme animal characters. The 2019 is the year of a Pig, the last of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. According to the inhabitants of China pig brings prosperity and wealth. The conclusion is obvious – 2019 is the year of saving! That’s why I have bought my huge piggy bank, which I hope at the end of the year will be very full!

The other two pigs, though not money boxes, simply reflect my inner child, which I cherish. But this childish part of me does not interfere with taking my finances seriously and manage them wisely.

My saving plan

I’ve always been taught to save money and not spend them on stupid things. And I have to admit that since I’ve been living on my own, I appreciate this skill even more. My first assumption when it comes to saving small amounts of money is to collect all pennies. I Punt all of them into my piggy bank. I do not look, I do not count this money, I just calmly wait for the end of the year to check how much I was able to save. And I think I will pumper myself with this money… me and my piggy!

However, I know that in order to really see the difference on my bank account I have to try a bit more. And thus I have and tried several saving methodes and picked up these which siute to me and my lifestyle. Check them out!

# 1 Pay bills first

When I receive my salary at the beginning of the month, I pay all the necessary fees to get it off my head, because I do not like feeling that I owe something to someone. Doing this also helps me taking control over my expenses and at the beginning of the month I know my exact budget.

# 2 Savings account

After making all of my monthly payments I transfer to my savings account a certain percentage of my salary. I do it at the beginning of the month, because despite the fact that I’m not wasteful I’m afraid that by postponing my nest egg transfer I will just simply eat it my money away.

# 3 Additional job

I really enjoy working and being busy, I believe that I can manage all of my duties much better when I have plenty to do, therefore I thought I could get a side job which I managed. And whoooo! I have some more money to save!

Thanks to these three steps from the beginning of the month I have control over my expenses and I can really see results in building my nest egg. With these methode I can clearly see my goal comming! And all of this is not effective my daily life heavily and I hope that my piggy bank will be happy for me at the end of the year!

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