Go eco – vol. 2

What an amazing feeling, when a few months after the #ditchthestraw action started, more and more cafes and restaurants really give up plastic straws and therefore they are helping to reduce plastic waste! On a delicious way of my life while visiting various food places I have experienced drinking with straws made from real straw, from pasta and also paper and glass ones! Incredible! This means nothing more than the fact that one can really change the environment for the better, and each, even the smallest change is a huge step towards a better life for all of us.

But more conscious choices do not end with the fact whether we take a plastic straw in a restaurant or we will refuse it. There are plenty of ways to be live more eco way which will make us proud at the end of the day.  So, there comes a time for the next dose of ideas!

#1 Sort the garbage!

Yogurt eaten – box, bach to the basket; the bar was tasty, there is nothing to do with the packaging – bach to the basket; it is possible to exchange items that end up in the trash every day. Eliminating waste is rather impossible, but you can throw it away with your head. Certainly for many people, thinking about throwing garbage is a completely pointless activity, because all of them are mixed up in a garbage truck, so why all this? And here is the first mistake, regulations in most cities in Poland require that specific garbage be picked up by one garbage truck. And finally, we know what every year we get a large break on which days the waste is collected.

#2 Eliminate!

If you already go shopping with your own shopping canvas – that’s great! But what about all of the little disposable bags that you put your fruits and veggies in just for a quick moment? Take your eco behaviour to next level and carry your own canva’s bags for veggies as well. Or if you buy small amounts – just simply put fruits into the basket. It is so easy!

Instead of packing your lunch sandwich in aluminium foil, put it in a reusable box. You will not generate rubbish, and additionally the snack will not crush in your bag or backpack. Advantages only!

#3. Meat free Monday!

15 % of greenhouse gases in the world come from mass production of animals for slaughter. It’s more than CO2 emitted by all means of transportation used on Earth. Perhaps it would be cool to join Paul McCartney and become a vegetarian even for one day a week? Paul himself has been a vegetarian for years, and together with his daughter Stella McCartney he started the campaign Meat Free Monday, which makes people aware of health and environmental consequences of giving up meat at least once a week.

I want to be like Paul! So, there is no time to waste – I am heading to the kitchen to make my own cauliflower curry!

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