International Sun Day

From time to time I like to take a look at a calendar of unusual holidays to check what interesting I could celebrate today! And as it turns out May the 3rd is not only commemration day of the first Polish constitution, but also International Sun Day!

A holiday established in the United States by President Jimmy Carter, also known as the “King of peanuts” (did he set up the holiday, because the sun is needed for their growth?). Nothing could be more wrong – the holiday of the sun is supposed to draw attention to renewable energy sources, especially solar energy and other environmental issues.

The power of the Sun

Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth at all! How suprisng is that we are celebraing in our modern world no longer than from 1978. The Sun from ancient history was the center of human interest – practically every civilization had solar deities – in ancient Egypt one of the main gods was Re – god of the Sun, in ancient Greece the personification of the sun was Helios, and in ancient Rome –  god Sol. Even the ancients knew that the Sun is responsible for cultivation, fertility or failure, which is why the Sun gods were one of the most important in the hierarchy. Contemporary approach to the celebration of the Day of the Sun does not have much in common with ancient beliefs, but one thing connects us with our ancestors – a life that could not be impossible on the Earth without the Sun. Today, thanks to technology, we know that solar energy is not only an element necessary in the process of photosynthesis, but also one of the sources of the purest electricity. And it was especially the matter of promoting solar energy that guided Carter and his advisers when establishing the International Day of the Sun.

Solar energy

One of the renewable energy sources is solar energy. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells automatically convert solar radiation into electricity. The first association with solar energy is certainly a roof covered with photovoltaic panels or large solar farms scattered around the world. But this technology is much closer to us than it seems – it is everywhere! Here are some examples of life in which solar power is being used on a daily basis.

 # 1 Calculator

I remember that as a child, I always wondered what is that small window with strange stripes below the display in the calculator – and this is a small solar panel supporting the calculator’s power supply.

 # 2 City lamps

More and more cities in Poland are modernizing their lighting and investing in solar-powered lamps. Replacing old technology with a new one is certainly expensive, but over the years it is a great investment. Why not use the energy available all the time and choose ecological solutions?

# 3 Solar lights

Who does not like the lovely lamps in the garden that sparkle with colorful lights? They are also powered by solar energy. They are being loaded during the day when they are being reached by the sun’s rays and later they they please our eyes and senses in the evening.

These are just a few examples of using solar energy in everyday life, there are many, many more. All you need to do is look around and you will certainly find more.


The sun is joy

What would be the celebration of the Sun without mentioning the great fun that sunny weather gives us. Although the Sun shines constantly with the same force all the time, the rotation of our planet changes seasons in our climate. The most beautiful weather we can experience during long days of spring and summer – the favorite seasons of most of us. That’s when everything comes to life and we are too. We have more energy, willingness to act, and the warm rays of the Sun can wipe out even the worst mood.

I love lazy afternoons, when I can get on a bike and get sunk by the sun ahead. I also love to sit in a cafe in the middle of the day, sip a good cup of coffee and enjoy the warmth of the sun for a longer or shorter time. Enjoy this moment, being just here and just now. Well, I think I am just the same as solar panels and load my batteries with a head facing the Sun!

Have a sunny day and don’t forget to send a smile to our best friend – Sun!


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